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29th May 2013

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Brian…hi. i am a 41 year old ne’er-do-well. since i was a teen, i dreamed of drawing comics. i learned that my skill was not right and i willingly let that go but that yielding gave way for a desire to write comics. i lack schooling and confidence. i know you advise people to “just write” yet…

8th February 2013

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How to never give up on becoming an entrepreneur…


How to never give up on becoming an entrepreneur…

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14th January 2013


Thor: God of Thunder- an appreciation


When I first heard about it, I looked at the Marvel: Now initiative with skepticism.  It reeked of being a reactionary maneuver to DC’s one year old New 52 reboot. The battle for market share seemed to trump the need to put out quality comics. Let’s face it, aside from the Batman books and (for me) Aquaman, DC’s New 52 has left me pretty cold after one year.

To be fair, I wasn’t reading many Marvel books on a monthly basis. I followed the Fraction/Iron Man and the Brubaker/Captain America in trade and was tired of Bendis’ Avengers years ago. The only monthly Marvel books I read were Amazing Spider-Man (RIP), Daredevil & Fraction’s new Hawkeye series. So I decided to give a few of these Marvel: Now books a shot.

So far, I have tried out these titles: Bendis’ All New X-Men, Hickman’s Avengers & New Avengers, Waid’s Indestructible Hulk, Cable & X-Force, Uncanny Avengers, Captain America, and Thor: God of Thunder. Of all of these titles, the one book that has me hooked on every page is Jason Aaron’s & Esad Ribic’s Thor: God of Thunder.

In case you are not aware of the premise of this book (at least the first arc), it deals with Thor battling a very powerful and brutal antagonist called the God Butcher over three different time periods.  We have a young, brash Thor who is not  yet worthy to wield Mjolnir. We then have the Thor of the present day and finally we have Thor of the distant future. I find elder Thor to be the most interesting of the three.  He is a weary, hobbled version of himself who longs for the end.

This is epic storytelling that shows what a fantastic medium comics can be.  We have gorgeous full page spreads of extradimensional space, riveting action sequences, and moments of terrifying suspense. Aaron does a masterful job of shifting time periods without jarring the reader’s attention span. This is a different Thor; he is being pushed to his limits by the God Butcher and it shows.  Esad Ribic’s art is something to behold. His panels remind me of Heavy Metal magazine pinups from my youth. I look forward to reading this again in a collected edition.

Four issues in, this is the star of the Marvel: Now relaunch for me. I hope the conclusion of this story does not let me down, but given the pedigree of the creators I am very confident.

21st November 2012

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Wise words from my friend Joey Groah.


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At New York Comic Con, I was asked to give some initial thoughts for a possible column on the impact of the ComiXology Submit portal for independent creators. Per usual, I overwrote.

Here’re my thoughts on hearing about the possibility of…

20th November 2012


Odds and Ends 11/20/12

I apologize for the lack of posts. Hurricane Sandy kept us without power for almost a week and it has taken some time to get back in the swing of things. In the scheme of things, we didn’t have it too bad. My mother and my in-laws did not have power for almost two weeks.  We didn’t lose any property, we were just inconvenienced. 

So here are some updates:

  • The first episode of There Will Be Comics will be recorded this weekend and hopefully posted by the beginning of next week.
  • Go see Skyfall. Pay close attention to the cinematography, I thought it was fantastic.
  • Read Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic’s Thor: God of Thunder and loved it. It really hooked me. Bendis & Immonen’s All New X-Men, not so much. Nice art, though.
  • Don’t spoil Amazing Spider-Man #698 for me or else!

Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

10th October 2012

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Self portrait  (Taken with Instagram)

Self portrait. Stop me and say “Hi” at NYCC


Self portrait (Taken with Instagram)

Self portrait. Stop me and say “Hi” at NYCC

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10th October 2012


Pre- NYCC Thoughts

New York Comic-Con technically starts tomorrow, but the demands of my day job preclude me from attending the Thursday panels.  Thursday night I will be at the Comics Experience meet up and after that the ComixTribe "Drink and Draw". I enjoy these events because they enable me to have face to face interactions with people I usually only deal with on Twitter, Facebook or community forums.  This is my "hometown" con, and it will be strange to not have a booth in either Artist Alley or Small Press this year.

Having a booth or table is tough, especially if you are a working pro.  The price is usually very prohibitive (remember EVERYTHING is more expensive in NY) and you need to move a decent amount of product to justify the expense.  I’ve heard that Artist Alley has been moved to a remote part of the Javits Center, so those folks are going to have to really make some coin to not be in the red.

Since I have not put anything out in 2012, I’m not going to try and pitch anyone (and neither should you) because any editor worth his or her salt is going to be bombarded.  I will attend parties to just try to foster relationships and begin to line up guests for the Podcast.  

The best thing about creating comics and attending cons for me has been the friendships I have made.  For the most part, I’ve never met a more compassionate, fascinating group of people than comic creators. This includes professionals and long time comic vets. Comic folks are truly the best.

2012 has been really about setting up 2013 for me, and the future looks glorious.

If you run into me, please stop me and say “hi”!  Also if anyone has a spare pass for Sunday, please contact me at therewillbecomics@gmail.com.

Enjoy the con!

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5th October 2012


My AvX Thoughts & Marvel: NOW (Spoiler free)


Avengers vs. X-Men, probably the most straightforwardly titled crossover event ever, has finally concluded.  For me, this event brought about mixed emotions. It was an ambitious event that I felt was created as a reactionary response to DC’s New52 (is it still “new”). In some ways it worked and in others it was a mess.

The basis of the story is that the Phoenix Force is returning to Earth, and that the Avengers and X-Men both have a difference of opinion of how to deal with it. So we have heroes fighting heroes for the second time in 5 years, This was brought to you by a full court basketball team of writers:  Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, and Ed Brubaker.  I felt this was the biggest issue with this book, it lacked focus and needed more of a singular voice.

Overlong at 12 issues, this story was illustrated by John Romita Jr., Oliver Copiel, and Adam Kubert. I felt the art was strong throughout, especially by Copiel and Kubert.  They did a fantastic job rendering double page spreads with action and gravitas.  To me, they were the real stars of AvX.

I’ve been trying my best to give you my thoughts with giving any spoilers, but the second act of this story was a plain mess.  It completely went off the rails from the setup of the first act and then didn’t properly set up the third act.  The character motivations change without any real reason, and there are events in the third act that needed more emotional weight, in my opinion.

With that said, I felt that this was an exponentially better crossover than Fear Itself and it does tie up some events going back as far as House of M.  I read this digitally so I was pleased with the AvX: Infinite backup features that were a part of issues # 1,6,& 10. Some people felt they were nothing more than illustrated PowerPoint presentations, but I beg to differ.  There was something interesting about them and I was disappointed there was not an AvX: Infinite Epilogue in issue #12.

But we all know that this event was about two things: sales and setting up Marvel: NOW.  Done right, Marvel: NOW can dwarf DC’s New52 because according to the powers that be, there is not going to be a continuity reset that plagued (imo) the DC titles.  Still, I wonder if people will use this event to leave comics.  Read this interesting piece on iFanboy. My brother, who was a Marvel reader for over 40 years has told me that he is using AvX as a way to say goodbye to Marvel. 

I will probably buy some of the Marvel:Now books (Cassaday on Uncanny Avengers will get my $$$), but I notice that the majority of my comics budget goes to independent publishers and creator owned properties.  Maybe because they don’t need to have events to sell, they just want to make good books month in and month out.

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3rd October 2012


There Will Be Comics Podcast- coming October 2012

Podcasting was never something that I considered doing, just like writing comics was something I never thought about doing several years ago.  In recent months I have been listening to podcasts ranging from comics to current affairs to music, and have loved the free flowing exchange that tends to be exhibited during them. So now I’d like to throw my hat in the ring.

The There Will Be Comics Podcast will be a conversation between myself and comic creators.  Some will be people you may have heard of, some will not.  I want to use this podcast as a vehicle for people to promote their upcoming works and to give a unique perspective on their work and process.  

I hope you will join me on this journey. For inquiries or comments please contact me at therewillbecomics@gmail.com


Dan Rivera

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